• I just had the pleasure of tasting TASTY CAJUN BUTTER!! OH MY CRAWFISH THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!! Tell your kids, tell your wife! Gilhooley's agrees, it's a MUST BUY!!
  • I got some Tasty Cajun Butter about a month ago. I’ve tried it with some baked salmon....ohhhh man! So, so tasty! 5 stars!!
  • Best. Stuff. EVER! Love it on Crawfish, but figured out its good on dang near everything!
  • Quite literally the best sauce I’ve ever used!! You can put it on almost anything, not just crawfish. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Just made some quick shrimp scampi in a sauté pan with this stuff and put it over noodles! Amazing! Quick and easy for a family on the go!
  • This stuff is great. It is a must for all seafood! Had it on salmon and fried shrimp tonight. Will definitely be ordering more.
  • This Cajun butter is so good! I’ll be a returning customer
  • Delicious as a crawfish dipping sauce or any seafood or other food that's better with butter - TASTY butter!
  • Tasty Cajun Butter with a Yumbalaya ball from Juicy Head Crawfish. I think y’all should do a collaboration! Just saying. This is some yummy goodness!!!!!
  • I must say it taste like magic. I look forward to putting this on my seafood bread, chicken, and more.
  • We just got the Tasty Cajun Tartar in the mail today and put it to the test for dinner with some fish and shrimp. It is well worth it. Looking forward to buying some more.
  • It's smooth taste. it goes with so many different foods. love this stuff!!!